March 4 - April 3 2016

Steve Mykietyn

Better Call the Fish Police










Sister is excited to present “Better Call the Fish Police” a painting and sculptural tableau by artist and curator Steve Mykietyn. Working in diverse mediums including music, performance, materialist sculpture and craigslist provocations Mykietyn maintains a heavy focus on abstract painting while also running the much beloved arts and culture space “Orgy Park”. In his most recent compositions Steve has incorporated miniatures from train sets, vintage action figures and evil creatures from Warhammer’s 40k, simultaneously complicating the literal space of the painting and invoking surrealist narratives.  

"Better Call the Fish Police" is inspired by the eponymously titled comic book and animated series "Fish Police" by cartoonist Steve Moncuse which ran from 1985-1992. Following fish detective Inspector Gill, the story meanders through film noir, slapstick comedy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles using a B-movie logic that borders on absurdist fiction. Praised by Harlon Ellison as "turn(ing) to gibberish when one attempts to codify it" the series is both earnest kitsch and nonsense poetry. As source material "Fish Police" functions as both an analogy for Mykietyn's art practice as well as a device that produces a kind of third generation fan-fiction. Cop's chase, robbers hide, citizens have lunch, and even the hamburglar makes an appearance. All the while Mykietyn reclaims these vintage tropes like an algae grown over a lost city, formalist fish-food.

Born in Norwich, CT in 1978, Mykietyn graduated in 2000 with a BFA in Fine Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and in 2006 with a MFA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art. Founder of Orgy Park gallery in Brooklyn. Recent exhibitions include: db Presents ‘Ella Barclay and Steve Mykietyn’, MOP Projects (Sydney 2013);  'Have to hand, by my hand, oh handyman' Flood, Dublin 2014; ‘Ghostface’, Bobby Redd Project Space, Brooklyn (2012) ‘MegaMix Histories’ Bahrain Site Museum, Manama (2010);  ‘My Brain’s a Cliff and My Heart’s a Bitter Buffalo’ a two-part show at castillo/corales, Paris, and Jonathan Viner, London (2008).  ‘How Do U Want It?’ Sleeper Gallery, Edinburgh (2008); ‘Deathlords of Karaoke’ Gallery Titanik, Turku (2007); ‘Battle Bags’ AIAV, Yamaguchi (2007); He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.