June 3 - July 5 2015

Peter Wilson

Part 1




Part 1 is the story of a traveler, Kay, on a long journey. Seeking rides from strangers, Kay encounters an amateur fashion photographer and the voice of God. Near a footbridge, Kay meets a second fashion photographer and finds a gift card frozen in a patch of ice. 

Part 1 is made of painted backgrounds and digital samples of mud.


As time and details of space are blended, montage buckles against moments of realism. Narrative and counter-narrative take root internally as functions of their proximate parts. As a draft, the storyboard is held against the notion of final production and is the material quotation of a public fascination with 'backstory'.

This is the beginning six frames of such a storyboard. Characters are reticent participants in a film’s making, and also members of its captive audience. Within these evacuated images of filmic production, they maintain the possibility of ennoblement in spite of the representation of their lives and selves that is to be eventually sold back to them.