May 21 - June 12 2016

Kyle Hittmeier



Sister is pleased to present "Lead-Based" a new video work by multi-media artist Kyle Hittmeier.  Working primarily with 3-d animation programs Hittmeier creates monolithic architectural forms with an aesthetic drawn from such varied sources as fascist architecture, science fiction, neo-classicism and Alfred Hitchcock's film noir. Role-playing as a visionary architect Hittmeier's structures imagine a dystopic world of sharp angles and cold buildings emblazoned with ancient symbolism that are at once as alien as they are eerily familiar. 

"Lead-Based" refers to the use of lead sheeting in ancient Roman aqueducts rumored to have caused mass poisoning and the downfall of the Roman empire. In this video Hittmeier has imagined his visionary architect's worktable, strewn with bits and pieces of symbolic and structural material. We are guided through a swinging pendulum like tour of the scene as if it were the site of an unknown crime. Acting as a detective the viewer constructs a narrative of an invisible hegemonic force poised to effect the future of humanity and whose idealism may be as potentially damaging as it is revolutionary. 


Kyle Hittmeier was born in Northern California, but moved to Brooklyn in 2008. After receiving his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2014, he moved to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.  where he now currently lives and works.